Best Fishing Boats 2022

After months of being cooped up at homes, now is finally the time to break free and enjoy nature once again.

With that in mind, it’s time to start searching for some of the best fishing boats on the market today and get back out on the water and enjoy a day searching for that prized catch. There are plenty of new small fishing boats available going into 2021 that suit the needs of all fishermen in all environments.

But which are the right choices to invest in as we head into the new year? Sit back and relax as we take a look at the top 2021 fishing boat choices available today.

Hooker 650 Pro Fisherman

Starring as the latest release from Cairns-based Hooker Boats, the 650 Pro Fisherman looks set to be a worthwhile investment for any keen fisherman.

Valued at just over $88,000, the 650 is larger than previous editions of the Pro franchise with the 650 now has a 6.5m fiberglass hull instead of the 5.5m base seen in smaller models in the series.

The larger hull means that the 650 Pro can be powered by twin 140hp outboard motors or a single 200hp option should you prefer.

Hooker has gone bigger in almost all aspects of the 650 Pro with the decking now having bigger casting platforms for riders to use and a larger dashboard that is handily capable of supporting multiple devices.

There are all the usual tidbits that you come to expect from more serious fishing boats such as built-in iceboxes, tackle drawers, and an anchor locker. With plenty of custom options available too such as a motor mount on the bow and various extra storage containers, Hooker has everything you need for a full day’s fishing.

Yellowfin 7600 Centre Console

If you are looking for something with plenty of power, then you would do no wrong with looking at the Yellowfin 7600 Centre Console.

Powered by a four-stroke Mercury Marine XS V8, this engine generates 250bhp and a max speed of 43knots when pushed to its limit. The power works extremely well when used out on seas and bays with the 7.5m alloy hull also being extremely durable capable of handling choppy seas should inclement conditions arise.

In terms of facilities on deck, you find yourself surrounded by a host of tools to enjoy all afternoon with rod in hand. It has a casting platform on the bow and six stainless rod holders to allow almost everyone on this 7-seater vessel to get in on the action.

There are some excellent deluxe options available too including an upscaled bait station, a fishfinder/GPS plotter, and LED Lighting available on the decking. A great package that blends power with purpose.

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Sea Jay 670 Trojan HT

Sea Jay has put a lot of effort into their new flagship offshore fishing boat – the 670 Trojan HT. Powered by a 175bhp four-stroke Mercury Marine V6 engine, this 6.7m alloy boat is no slouch in the water and is smooth to handle when on the waves.

It has a dual high edge cockpit that will protect the drivers extremely well from the wind and all the controls are laid out beautifully in an easy-to-view manner. It’s not lacking in headroom either giving both driver and passenger plenty of room to stand or sit whilst in motion.

There are plenty of storage options for equipment on board as well with 8-rod holders built into the roof of the cockpit and an additional 6 holders placed on the in-deck.

The bait box built into the port side transom is conveniently placed for easy access whilst tackle trays are built into both the rear of the cockpit passenger seat and can also be added to the cockpit transom wall if selected.

A nice hidden feature is the generously sized kill tank built between the chairs on the helm to keep any trophies nice and cool until you get to land. This is a great offering that blends function, size, and power into a nice bundle.

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Quintrex 430 Fishabout Pro

Now into their 75th year of operation, Quintrex is no stranger to the Aussie fishing scene and their 430 Fishabout Pro has proven to be one of the best entry models around today.

Whilst the two-stroke 60hp Evintrude motor may not seem powerful, it is still plenty of guts to get the 430 moving around without any major issues. There has been much redesign put into the cockpit itself with everything much wider than previous iterations making it easy to see everything without too much clutter.

For a model that is considered to be entry-level, the seating is remarkably comfortable with both the cockpit sports chairs and the additional passenger benches soft and enjoyable for hours at a time.

The rear bench can also be removed or placed elsewhere to customize the boat to your needs whether it is for others spectating or monitoring other areas.

The small boat is also extremely nimble to pilot on the water and is hardly interrupted by other boat trails or choppy waves when it is in motion. Considering this is all available for less than $30,000, Quintrek is celebrating their milestone anniversary with a bang!

Makocraft 445 Commander HD Open

If you are looking for your first boat, then the Makocraft 445 Commander HD Open is a great option to invest in.

Costing just $15,000, the 445 Commander isn’t big on gadgets or power with a 30hp four-stroke Tohatsu motor that cruises along nicely without much in the way of interruptions. The 3mm alloy hull is strong enough to glide across both rivers and lakes without any issues and easy to handle for a relaxing ride on the water.

In terms of equipment, this isn’t lacking in comparison to its rivals with alloy side panels included for navigation lights and there are elevated storage lockers that can be used to fit rod holders if desired above the sides of the cockpit.

There has been much consideration taken into the layout of the boat as well with rear seating adequately placed to manually operate the engine without any discomfort or any real issue. All this combines into a great little package that is well-suited for a first-time fisherman.

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Bayliner VR4 RB

Looking to blend both performance and purpose, the Bayliner VR4 RB is a great choice for keen fishing groups to investigate.

The VR4 is powered by a 150hp four-stroke Mercury Marine V6 engine that glides across the water and is perfect for both fishing and watersports in general.

The panoramic windshield in the front of the cockpit gives great visibility when driving and has a movable centre and side panels to add or remove the cover to help you drive in an optimized style for conditions on the water.

It has also been designed with comfort in mind as the seats come with contoured backrests to help soften the ride over choppy waves and can also be tilted back for lounging in really calm conditions.

Also, you can also add an extra seat in the rear of the boat by adding wind blocks to the bow with fixed cushions for the sit. The interior of the boat is all covered by LED-lighting to give the internal view a similar sporty look alongside the external body. A great way to go fishing in style for just under $80,000.

Final thoughts

By having a look at all of the options above, you will be sure to find a great fishing boat for your needs whether you are a beginner or an expert. All of these boats excel in conditions across the country and have a great mix of performance, purpose, and style. With that in mind, you can consider these the best small fishing boats to use going into 2021.

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