Four Beginner Camping Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Camping adventures should be fun and relaxing, whether it be enjoying the calmness of nature or having a laugh with friends and family. Though camping isn’t tricky, first-time campers tend to make a few critical mistakes. Hampering their ability to enjoy the great outdoors, leaving their camping adventure with a sour taste. In this article, we share with you four beginner camping mistakes to avoid so you can enjoy yourself like a camping professional without the experience!

1. Failing to Test Your Equipment Before Camping

Whether you are setting up your tent or turning on your torch for the first time, the last place you want to be when you discover these items don’t work is at your campsite. Once out in the bush, you can’t do anything about it. Don’t make the rookie mistake of failing to check all of your equipment before your trip. This simple error could see you without your camping essentials when you need them most.

2. Buying Bargains Over Quality

Reliable camping equipment doesn’t always come cheap. For a first-time camper, it can be tempting to save on gear by buying inferior options or second-hand alternatives. The risk with these options is they may not perform as you need them to. In the case of pre-owned equipment, campers may find the product to be faulty or have broken essential elements. Inferior options mainly let campers down during instances of extreme weather or unpredictable circumstances, as some don’t offer the durability the higher quality brands provide.

3. Failing to Research the Campsite

Every campsite is unique, and even the most experienced campers can jeopardise their camping adventure by failing to do their research. Before embarking on your expedition, ensure you investigate what the campsite has to offer and what it’s lacking. This includes toilet and shower facilities, access to roads, and back up options if the weather proves unbearable. Researching the weather is also valuable, as you can easily plan for the day and night temperatures and pack accordingly for rain or heat. Don’t forget some extra layers if you’re camping by a beach, the coastal winds can be chilly.

4. Having a Messy Campsite

A disorganised, messy campsite can quickly descend into chaos, as well as become a genuine safety concern if left unattended. Open food packets and unwashed cooking utensils attract unwanted visitors, such as wildlife, insects and bugs. Sealing your food will deter some animals but not all – some scavengers will easily rip open even sealed packages. Make sure to store all food in a safe location, not easily accessed by wildlife. A clean campsite will also help you navigate your way around in the dark and allow you easy access to essential equipment in need of an emergency.

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