Camping Tips & Ideas For Families

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has reminded us how important family is. Camping trips are a perfect opportunity to spend time with your family, while also seeing our own backyard here in Australia.

Let us help you plan the ultimate family camping trip. This blog outlines:

• Australia’s top family camping spots
• Key issues families face on camping trips
• Family camping tips
• Six hacks to make camping easier and more enjoyable

Camping in Australia

Boasting pristine beaches, untouched rainforests, meandering national parks, and weird and wonderful animals, Australia has something for everyone. Australia is internationally renowned for fully embracing the outdoor lifestyle and it’s easy to understand why.

Our beautiful nation is replete with an abundance of diverse campgrounds, breathtaking beaches, long, open roads and gorgeous weather, all year round. Whether you choose the coast, the bush or the open road, there are plenty of family camping ideas to choose from.

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Best camping destinations for families in Australia

Do you want to rough it in the wilderness or is a luxury glamping escape more your speed? Whatever your preferred camping style, we’ve found Australia’s best camping ideas for families.

#1 Congo Campgrounds

Whether you want to relax or are more adventurous, this idyllic spot has something for you. Nestled in Eurobodalla National Park, you’ll spend days exploring these pristine surroundings. From bike riding, swimming, fishing, water skiing and more, everyone will fall in love.

#2 Merimbula Beach Holiday Park

In this one-of-a-kind beach holiday spot, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Keep the kids entertained all day on the jumping pillow, adventure playground or an action-packed game of beach volleyball. While they play, you’ll relax in the heated pool or play a leisurely game of tennis.

#3 Fraser Coast Top Tourist Park

Just a short stroll from the beach, this park is ideal for families with pets. This newly refurbished park has a fully stocked camp kitchen and pizza oven. Kids will love the pool and fully equipped games room, and the adults will spend countless hours chilling out in the spa and strolling on the beach.

#4 Thunderbird Park

This is one of Gold Coast’s hidden gems. This majestic campground boasts stunning waterfalls and rockpools. Whether they go horse riding, forage for thundereggs or unleash their ninja warrior on the high ropes, your kids will be in heaven.

#5 Point Elliot

This natural beauty is the perfect marriage of an action-packed holiday and a relaxing break. You can spend endless days exploring the national parks and bushwalks. Keep the kids entertained in the adventure park with a jumping pillow and watch the beautiful fairy penguins marching around the grounds at night.

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Common camping issues and concerns

We know you’re excited to head off, but before you do, ensure you pack the family camping equipment. With this and a little planning, you can avoid these common camping problems.

#1 Risks around the tent

Before putting up the tent, take note of your surroundings. Avoid placing your tent beneath a large gum tree. Although they look majestic, you risk a branch dropping on the tent. Make sure you don’t set up in an area prone to water gathering or flooding, and when camping with kids, ensure you pitch the tent far away from lakes, creek beds or rivers.

#2 Not having adequate supplies

When camping, you won’t always have ready access to shops and supermarkets. So, we advise you to carefully plan your meals and water supplies. This way, you won’t be caught short a few days into the trip. And, most importantly, you’ll be able to concentrate on having fun.

#3 No first aid kit

When camping, many of us go completely off the grid. In remote places, medical assistance can be quite far away, so it’s important to camp with someone with first aid training. In an emergency, you’ll need a properly stocked first aid kit. While bushwalking, we recommend taking bandages and antiseptic cream to treat scratches and bites.

#4 No services available

Before your trip, research what help is available near your campground. For instance, directions to the local hospital will save time in an emergency. If you’re camping during bushfire season, work out your evacuation plan. Check out your mobile network’s coverage map to ensure your campsite has mobile reception and ensure you have detailed maps to avoid getting lost.

#5 Bugs and Insects

Annoying bugs and nasty insects are one of the most common concerns when camping in Australia. Waking up covered in insect bites can really put a dampener on your camping trip. And nobody likes swatting away flies all day. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep the bugs away when camping. We covered 14 key tips in this article.

6 Hacks for Camping With Families

There’s nothing better than spending time with family, but a family camping trip can be stressful. These clever camping hacks will make your next holiday easier and more enjoyable.

#1 Arrive before dark

Arriving at your campsite during the day allows you to get to know the area. It also makes setting up the tent and other essentials much easier, so try to arrive two hours before sunset. This gives you enough time to set up and get settled in.

#2 Store dry firewood under the car

This is a convenient way to keep wood dry, despite the weather. There’s nothing more frustrating than not having any wood to start a fire on a wet day. Storing dry wood beneath your car ensures you will always have a ready supply.

#3 Use a heater in cold weather

In the winter months, a heater makes waking up, going to bed and getting the kids changed easier. If you have electricity, a space heater is ideal. If not, a propane heater is a great alternative.

#4 Create a DIY camp shower

When camping, a portable shower is invaluable. You can construct one with a two-gallon sprayer with a kitchen sprayer attached. Pro tip: painting it black will absorb solar heat.

#5 Enclose the kids’ play area with screened canopy

Keeping children safe isn’t always easy on a campground. However, a screened canopy ensures they won’t wander off and will keep the bugs away. Also, when the kids aren’t playing, it’s the perfect bug-free eating area.

#6 Pre-cook meals

During a camping trip, cooking can be difficult. To save time, pre-cook as many meals as possible. There’s a wide variety of recipes that can be easily pre-cooked. So, do a little experimenting and find the right ones for your family.

In summary, now is the perfect time to explore Australia with the family. From our glorious rainforests to postcard-worthy beaches and more, your next trip will be unforgettable. By using our handy above tips, you’ll be prepared for anything. This way, you can focus on family fun.

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