Best 4WD Destinations in Western Australia

Western Australia is home to some of the best holiday destinations in the world. It features versatile landscapes with incredible collections of native wildflowers found exclusively in Australia’s largest state. With an incredible variety of cities, desert outback, ocean road and shrublands, there’s no better place to visit to see the versatility of the Australian climate. And there is no better way to do this than on an epic 4WD adventure!

Western Australia is Australia’s largest state, spanning over 2.5Million square kilometres. With a coastline that runs just under 13,000km from North to South. To travel from tip to tail would take about 37 hours, so many visitors choose to stick to a single portion of the state.

The Northern region is referred to as “Outback at its Best” and features a fusion of untouched coastline, cattle stations and scenic gorges. The south is home to Western Australia’s capital city, and some of the world’s best wineries. Featuring cities, towns, ports, farmland, beaches and lush forests, the array of climates and habitats is incredibly vast and a tourists’ dream!

To get you started on the adventure of a lifetime, here are some of the best 4WD destinations in Western Australia.

North Western Australia 4WD Tracks:

Derby-Gibb River Road

Difficulty: Moderate

One of Western Australia’s more iconic off-roading tracks. The Derby-Gibb River Rd is a must-visit 4WD destination! To drive the trail in its entirety takes approximately 2-3 weeks and is not for beginners. It spans 660km from Derby to Kununurra showing visitors all that the Kimberly region has to offer.

On this trail you’ll pass over all kinds of dirt and gravel roads, through mud and rivers and past gorges, creeks and cattle stations. Along the way keep an eye out for salt and freshwater crocodiles native to the area and the ancient Bungle Bungle Range comprised of sandstone and conglomerate rock formations.

The Derby-Gibb River Road features water crossings and is best tackled between the months of May and October when there is a lower likelihood of flooding. With so many incredible views and cultural stops along the way, it’s easy to see why this icon is one of the best 4WD destinations in Western Australia.

Cape Leveque

Difficulty: Easy

Parts of the Cape Leveque Road are sealed and the Western Australian government has resolved to seal more of it in the years to come. So if you want to give one of the best 4WD destinations in Western Australia a go before it’s sealed up, we recommend heading out at your earliest convenience.

Just north of Broome, Cape Leveque is home to sandy beaches and stunning red ochre cliffs. This corrugated red dirt track is easy enough for beginner 4-wheel-drivers, given your vehicle can stand the test. Crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean line the West and views of the red rock outback to the East. Travelling this route puts adventure fans smack-bang in the middle of two worlds.

Some off-shoots of the main Cape Leveque Road are for private use only, so make sure to keep your eyes open for signage. You can even stay the night at a beach-front campsite, in a luxurious safari tent or cabin at Kooljaman. Here you can immerse yourself in the history of the land, occupied for thousands of years by the local Bardi Jawi community.

Though incredibly beautiful, the “pindan” or red dirt, that lines Cape Leveque Road turns to mush when wet and results in many visitors getting bogged. For this reason the track is best travelled during the dry season, when you’re more likely to keep your vehicle on the road instead of embedded in it.

South Western Australia 4WD Tracks:

Captain Fawcett Track

Difficulty: Difficult

Though only a short, 105km, or 4 hour drive, the Captain Fawcett Track, south of Perth is not for the faint of heart. It is recommended to be tackled in groups and by adventurers of some experience. The trail is also closed during winter so best to plan your run between October and April.

This is one of the best 4wd destinations in Western Australia for travellers wanting to drink in a dose of Australia’s history. It boasts views of luscious forests, wooden rail bridges, dirt and gravel roads and of course the old Western Australian railway lines. Travelling the Captain Fawcett Track you can see numerous historic landmarks including farmhouses and the Quindanning Hotel.

Bob’s Track

Difficulty: Moderate

What is a list of the best 4wd destinations in Western Australia if it doesn’t include at least one beach track? Bob’s Track is a moderate, ocean-side, 4WD track for those adventure fans looking for , tdrivers directly to the beach.

The track started off as an easy, beginner friendly off-road trail, easily passed by stock vehicles with little to no trouble at all. Over the years the track has become subject to erosion and the combination of wet weather and constant use has uncovered numerous rocky and pot-hole laden sections of road.

Locals recommend travelling this route in a convoy with experienced drives and plenty of recovery gear. Not forgetting to lower that tyre pressure before starting on the track and again when hitting the beach at the end! Once you’ve reached this point, the Western Australian coast is definitely a sight to be seen. Open for fishing, this section of the Indian Ocean is filled with critters great and small. From herring, tailor and skippy ready to be snagged, if you look closely you can cast an eye on some of the more magnificent creatures lurking in the waters. Including sea lions and seals, a variety of whales including humpbacks, dolphins, sharks and stingrays.

You definitely don’t want to miss this one-stop adventure destination!

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