Caravan Buying Guide

You’ve stared longingly at them passing by you on the highway enough times…

You spent hours looking through pamphlets, browsing online, and standing in showrooms…

You’ve even sidled up beside campers and asked for a tour of theirs. Which, let’s be honest, was met with mixed reactions.

Now, you’ve made up your mind – you’re finally going to join thousands of other adventurous Aussies and buy yourself a caravan.


It’s a wonderful decision that promises a future of joy and memory-making. But, first, there are a few things to consider.

From what questions to ask before you buy, to the steps it takes to fund your home away from home. And everything in between – we’re breaking down how to buy your caravan.

Ask These Questions First

Which van to choose comes down to the answers to a few key questions. And answering them now will save you time and hassle down the road (literally).

Budget is the be all and end all, so first, ask yourself how much you want to spend.

Consider also where you plan to travel – and who will be joining you. This will help you work out what size van you want, and how comfy it has to be.

The technical side of buying, like warranties and the vehicle’s history (such as whether it’s ever been in an accident) matters, too.

Check out some of the top questions to ponder in the article below. And ask them of yourself before a salesperson does!

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Consider The Costs of Caravanning

Even freedom has a price tag, and if you want to be on the road for years to come, it pays to break down the costs that come with van life.

Is buying new cheaper in the long run than buying used?

Will you need finance?

What about safety equipment, park fees and added extras?

Some add-on options are essential to keeping you protected and mobile. While others simply make your van feel more like home.

In all, there’s more to consider than the upfront cost. Knowing how much van you can afford before you buy will ensure there are no regrets in your rearview.

Discover All The Costs of Caravanning in Australia

Find The Right Type of Caravan For Your Needs

If you’ve been doing your homework, you’ve likely come across loads of new terms.

Pop-top, trailer, motorhome, toy hauler – the world of caravans is wider than you think. Knowing what the terms mean to you is important.

Most of it comes down to what type of caravanning future you envision.

Will you and your partner take long ambling trips off the beaten track? Or do you want to treat the kids to the best parks in the country?

You’ll also want to think about how much space you have to store the van. And how (or even whether, if an RV is on the table) you’ll be towing.

Check out the article below to work out what you want from your van before you shop around. This will lower the risk of being talked into something you really don’t need.

Find Out Which Type of Caravan or RV is Best For Your Needs

Decide Whether To Buy New Or Used

Aside from the differences in cost between a van that’s been loved by another and one that’s just rolled out of the showroom, there is a lot else to consider.

While buying new is indeed a bigger expense at first, used can mean costly bugs down the line. They both have plusses and drawbacks.

Plus, of course, the decision also hangs on how personalised you want your ride to be.

Additionally, it pays to be honest with yourself about how keen on (and skilled at) maintenance you are, and whether a showroom shine, warranty and insurance savings are non-negotiable.

Consider all the pros and cons of buying new versus used. Then you’ll be one step closer to your first trip.

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Prepare Financing

No doubt about it, buying a caravan – like any other big life purchase – is a major investment.

Happily, finance exists to make dreams a reality soon. With a caravan loan you can spread the cost over time and bringing down your upfront outlay.

But, not all finance is created equal. Having the experts help you find the right finance for you can be game-changing.

Of course, you have to do your bit, too. Like ensuring your credit score is in great shape, and knowing what you can afford to splash before you apply.

If you’re planning to finance your caravan purchase, check out the article below. You will learn everything you need to know before applying for a caravan loan.

See Our Tips on Financing A Caravan

So, there you have it. Sure, it can be a fair bit of homework, but owning a caravan really is worth it.

The first time you step out of your van and gaze upon the sunset over the beach you’ll call home for a while, or share a knowing nod with a fellow traveller, all the leg work will be forgotten.

Now all that’s left to do is pack your bags, set your GPS for wherever you’ve always dreamed of waking up. And drive into the sunset.

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