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11 Best 4WD Accessories Australia

You want the best accessories for your 4-wheel drive to show off your style and stay safe in your favourite vehicle. 4WD drivers and enthusiasts require high-quality and essential 4WD accessories to make their journey as smooth as possible.

However, if you’re a new 4WD owner you might be wondering where to start when it comes to accessories. Even those more seasoned 4WD drivers might have a tough time choosing the next accessories to add to their pride and joy.

If you’re seeking a list of essential 4WD accessories, worry no more. These accessories will help to keep you safe out on our roads and make your next drive more enjoyable.

1. Tyre Repair Kit

Without functioning tyres, your 4WD journey will be short-lived. While it’s always wise to have spare tyres on hand, there’s a limit to how many you can bring. Instead of storing multiple repair tyres, use a tyre repair kit to fix issues as soon as they happen and get back to the road ahead.

The suitable tyre repair kit will help you plug any holes in your tyres and doesn’t require an expert.

2. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is an essential 4WD accessory that every driver needs for a safe journey. A 4WD first aid kit is essential for any off-road activities.

There are various essential first aid materials to seek when you’re purchasing a 4WD first aid kit:

  • Bandages
  • Sterile adhesive dressings
  • Antiseptic and wound care
  • Conforming bandages
  • Bandage shears
  • Cotton gauze swabs
  • Emergency blanket
  • Sterile eye pads
  • CPR card
  • First aid guidelines
  • Fever scan strip
  • Sterile hydrogel
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive tape
  • Instant ice pack
  • Sterile, non-adherent wound dressing
  • Pressure bandages
  • Resuscitation shield
  • Sterile gloves
  • Safety pins
  • Sterile saline
  • Skin-cleaning wipes
  • Splinter probes
  • Rust-resistant tweezers
  • Sterile wound closures
  • Sterile wound dressings
  • SMART bandages to manage snake and spider bites

3. Bull Bar

Bull bars are essential 4WD accessories if you’re heading off-road in Australia. Bull bars are necessary to prevent animals, such as kangaroos, from causing excessive and costly damage to your 4WD.

A bull bar is attached to the front of your 4WD, lessening the damage and impact of an animal striking your vehicle. Bull bars help keep your engine, accessories, and vehicle exterior safe, no matter what curious creatures come your way.

4. Roof Racks

Ensure you have roof racks before heading out on your 4WD journey across Australia. Roof racks are essential for 4WD drivers that need additional space to carry more oversized items that the back of their 4WD can’t fit.

Drivers commonly use Roof racks to carry skis, surfboards, tents, spare tyres, and any other large accessories you want for your 4WD adventure.

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5. Portable Fridge

When driving through the stunning Australian countryside, stop and stare at the stunning nature surrounding you. Why not kick back with a cold drink or snack from your portable fridge?

Whether you want to preserve meat to put on a portable grill or ice-cold drinks to enjoy with your friends or family, portable fridges are excellent 4WD accessories to make a long journey the experience of a lifetime.

Bushman offers portable solutions for all adventuring purposes, specialising in durable, reliable and ever-chilling fridges ideal for 4WDing, camping, and caravanning.

6. Backup Battery Solutions

Safety should be your priority when you’re on a 4WD adventure in Australia. A backup battery solution is one of the best choices before your journey. Backup batteries can help you restart your engine, power your portable fridge, and keep your 4WD lights running to guarantee that you’re prepared no matter what.

7. Cargo Barriers and Rear Doors

Cargo barriers are essential 4WD accessories to prevent anything you’ve packed for your journey from becoming dangerous flying equipment in the event of a crash or bumpy road. Cargo barriers prevent your belongings from injuring someone, becoming scattered, or significantly damaging your car.

Along with cargo barriers, cargo rear doors are essential to keep your equipment organised and in place to store valuable accessories and equipment. These drawers also provide easy access to recovery items if you need them along your journey.

8. UHF Radio

A UHF radio is essential to protect you in areas without phone reception. If you find yourself stuck in one of these areas, a UHF radio can help you in many ways. With a radio, you can contact other trail users, emergency channels, and various other channels to suit your situation. A 4WD adventure can quickly become a nightmare if you aren’t prepared with a UHF radio.

These radios can also update you on severe weather conditions so you can plan the next step in your 4WD adventure and stay safe.

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9. Suspension

Keeping your 4WD in top shape requires a heavy-duty suspension to keep everything running underneath your vehicle. A heavy-duty suspension setup is perfect to handle the weight of your 4WD when carrying more items than usual and prevent any costly damages.

10. Recovery Boards

Having the equipment to guide your 4WD along a long journey is essential to a successful and exciting adventure. Recovery boards are among the essential 4WD accessories and can aid your 4WD in situations where you can’t cross an area safely.

For instance, recovery boards are essential if you require a platform to change your tyres, navigate out of a slippery patch of land, or prevent your 4WD from sinking deep into the mud and getting stuck in place. Recovery boards provide a robust grip on your car’s tyres to guarantee that your vehicle doesn’t sink into the ground, no matter the terrain.

Dedicated to providing market leading 4WD gear, Mean Mother 4×4 has your go-to recovery boards sorted whether you’re a dirt track veteran or just recently discovered your adventuring spirit. Aptly named Exitrax, their recovery boards are developed from the ground up to withstand immense pressure while offering maximum traction to get you un-bogged.

11. Driving Lights

The Australian countryside is a magical sight at nighttime. However, without high-quality driving lights, your 4WD adventure could come to a grinding halt. Driving lights will provide you with the vision and safety you need to navigate your 4WD along its path no matter the time of day.

Driving lights can help you spot or ward off wandering animals, including kangaroos. Fitted lights for your 4WD can guarantee that you have a clear vision and can see far ahead no matter where you land.

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