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Best 4WD Tracks Australia State By State

Australia is often considered an off-roaders dream location. Anyone looking to get their tyres dirty while exploring the country is in luck.

Coastal tracks, remote deserts, wide-open grasslands and rugged mountain ranges are waiting. With such a huge variety of natural environments available, Australia boasts some of the best 4WD tracks in the world.

So, why not grab some friends, stock up on supplies and hit the open road? Take a look here at some of the best 4WD tracks in Australia: state by state.

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1. Moreton Island

With over 70km of coastline at your fingertips, Moreton Island is the beach destination of your 4Wd dreams. The entire Island boasts unsealed roads so the only way to get around is by 4WD. Spend your day getting your tires into the discovery tracks that lead to the numerous tourist spots dotted around the Island.

2. Cape York

One of the most famous tracks in Australia, Cape York consists of over 1,200km of tracks and roads. With four campgrounds to choose from, you can spend a few days exploring some of the more popular tracks. Give Old Telegraph Track (350km) and Frenchman’s Track (180km) a go while basking in the beautiful scenery and untamed nature surrounding you.

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New South Wales

1. Yalwal

Located south of Sydney, Yalwal is a fantastic off-road option for anyone looking for a challenging day of driving. Known to be a former gold mining town, Yalwal is not only a piece of history, but it has come to be known as a centre for 4WDing.

The Monkey Gum Fire Trail is often considered one of the best and most technical tracks in the country. Expect rocks steps and big ruts as you slowly wind your way up a mountain towards the lookout. The tracks at Yalwal are not for the faint-hearted and require the correct gear to conquer them safely.

2. Wombeyan Caves

Wombeyan Caves is a fantastic option for anyone who is looking for a unique track. Located approximately 180km south of Sydney, this is a great option for a day trip, or better yet, an overnight trip if you’re keen to explore the area. With 83km of 4WD tracks and 5 caves available to explore, this is a great place to take the entire family for a day or two.

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South Australia

1. The Simpson Desert

Running parallel to 3 states, the Simpson Desert is the world largest sand dune desert in the world. With kilometres of rolling sand dunes, this track can be trickier than initially expected.

It’s easy to underestimate how much water you need for the journey and even easier to approach a sand dune on the wrong angle. If you’re going to attempt this track we recommend having solid 4WDing experience under your belt first. If you’re game, the French Line is a fun but ultimately challenging run.

2. Canunda National Park

Canunda National Park is arguably one of South Australia’s best-kept secrets. It features 40km of coastal tracks and diverse coastal habitats. Canunda National Park is a scenic track that should be experienced by every off-roading enthusiast. Follow the marker posts for a picturesque drive through the dunes.

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1. Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder is a 14km long dramatic track that features cliffside drops and zig-zags. Take the time to draw in the stunning scenery before you set off because as soon as you begin your drive you’ll be fully engaged with the hairpin corners and turns for the majority of your drive up to Ben Lomond Plateau.

2. Southport Lagoon

Southport Lagoon off-road track is a great option for those looking for a quick and dirty track. While the track itself isn’t particularly long (6km one way) it is known to be a tricky drive. It will require you to be fully engaged the entire time. Make sure you have high vehicle clearance as you’re going to encounter a lot of muddy patches and rockery as you drive.

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1. Blue Rag Range Track

One of the most picturesque tracks in the Victorian High Country, Blue Rag Range Track boats stunning views over the Alpine National Park. This is considered an advanced track due to the steep drop-offs on either side of the track and the difficult climbs and turns.

This track is often closed during the cooler months due to snowfall. Always be sure to check the conditions before you set off to conquer this one.

2. Butcher Country

Are you looking for a track that offers multiple river crossings and lots of steep climbs with even sharper descents? Butcher Country might be just what you’re looking for. Remember to take care crossing the rivers after heavy rainfall and they can become swift and strong.

Western Australia

1. Canning Stock Route

When discussing 4WD routes in Aus any seasoned driver will tell you that Canning Stock Route is one of the best. Canning Stock Route is considered to be a long-distance track at almost 1800km. It’s a remote drive that is packed full of difficult ruts, sand dunes and tough stretches that will challenge even the most experienced drivers. Only attempt this route if you have plenty of experience.

2. Mount Nameless

One of the highest tracks that Western Australia has to offer. Mount Nameless is a great track for 4WDing enthusiasts of every level. It’s a fairly busy track due to the nearby mine site. However, the gravel road is an easy drive and should only take about an hour to complete. This is a great option for a day trip.

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Northern Territory

1. Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is a world heritage listed site. It’s also one of the best areas in the Northern Territory to enjoy some time away from civilisation. Almost 200km from Darwin, you can expect unsealed roads and plenty of camping options where you can explore the wonders of the National Park. Why not take some time out from driving to go fishing or test out some of the waterfalls and plunge pools?

2. Red Centre Way 4WD Track

A track that begins and ends at Alice Spring, Red Centre Way is a unique track that stretches for approximately 1200km. Take your time enjoying the unique scenery surrounding you as you spend a few days on the road tackling what is a fairly easy but beautiful drive.

No matter where you are in Australia, there are some amazing 4WD tracks for you to have a go at. We’re blessed with nature at our doorstep and plenty of different habitats and environments just begging to be explored. The hardest part will be deciding where you’re going to try out first.

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