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caravan living tips

Top Caravan Living Tips

For the great Aussie nomad, your caravan is your home. Though, so often it can be difficult to transform your camper into a truly “homely” home, with all of life’s creature comforts. That’s why OneAdventure is bringing you our top caravan living tips to help you make the most of your travelling territory. 

1. Keys to the Kitchen

Often referred to as the “heart of the home”, your kitchen makes up a major part of any domicile. Whether it be fixed or free-wheeling. So it’s important to have your kitchen on-point when it comes to living out of your caravan. We’ve got some handy hints for transforming your caravan kitchen into a reliable road-trip companion.

Nothing cools you down on a hot summer’s day like a refreshing glass of cool water. However, water sources can be difficult when it comes to living out of your caravan. So here comes the first of our caravan living tips.

Investing in a water filter will help you to know that your daily H20 is not only clean, but will also have a consistent taste, no matter the source. You can get filters that cleanse the water before it enters your caravan, as well as filters that attach to your kitchen tap for that additional level of filtration for your drinking water.

The kitchen is often where many of your breakables live. Including cups, plates and even the often forgotten, microwave plate. Consider using storage dividers to stop cups clinking together and cracking in transit. Remove or pad your microwave plate as you travel to prevent damage and keep some spare foam or tea-towels to keep your plates separated in their cupboards or drawers. This will ensure your “fine china” stays fine year round.

2. Superior Storage

One of the primary pitfalls of having a caravan for a home is the lack of space and opportunity for personalisation. But, what if we told you that there are ways to make the most of the space available to ensure you get a homey look and feel, no matter where on the road you are? Outside of the clever kitchen hacks, there are plenty of caravan living tips to keep your belongings neat and tidy.

Consider decking out your new or existing caravan with some extra freezer storage. This will help you to keep some of the creature comforts of home, when you’re out on the road. In the form of a delicious home-cooked meal. With extra freezer space you can prep and/or cook meals ahead of time, and then store them for consumption later. Not only will this help to bring down the cost of so many eat out options, but it will also give you that little taste of home, even in the middle of nowhere.

Also investing in hanging shoe racks will be your best friend. Beyond holding your shoes, these beauties go a long way in keeping many of your household items out of the way and in a memorable location. Hanging shoe racks are perfect for hanging onto tv remotes, cleaning products, toiletries and even pantry items, such as fruit and veggies! However, it’s best to keep in mind that if you plan to use these racks for perishables, try to use the netted version, not the plastic. This allows your food room to breathe and prevents “sweating”.

Finally, make sure your clothes have a designated place to live. Traditional wardrobe space isn’t something readily available in most caravans. However, there are some solutions to keep you going with reduced space. Using hooks inside of your wardrobe door provides extra hanging space for some of your more often used items. Also investing in slimline and/or cascading hangers helps to cut down on room taken up by items of clothing. It’s also important to ensure your clothes get put away properly, as soon as they are back from their cleaning cycle. This will help to keep your caravan clean & tidy.

Looking for more caravan storage hacks? Check out or list of easy caravan storage hacks.

3. Keep It Clean

Homes are built to last, and the same goes for your caravan. One of our best caravan living tips is that of cleanliness. After all, it is next to godliness. Keeping your caravan spick and span will help you to feel more relaxed and at home when on the road. One of the easiest ways to do this is by ensuring you always have a vacuum on hand. Even a small, handheld device will help keep the daily chores under wraps.

Vacuuming on a regular basis can help keep the dirt, grass and other debris from being tracked past the entry way, into the rest of your home. However, it’s not just the inside that needs to be tended to. The exterior of your home on wheels is just as important to life on the road. Travelling through all kinds of weather on all kinds of road conditions can take its toll on the outside of your van. Some tips to keep it clean include, making sure your van is covered as often as possible. Including at all times when not in use! And not just physical coverings, but weatherproofing too. Consider using weatherproof paint on your caravan to keep it in tip-top shape.

For more on how to treat your travelling home, take a look at OneAdventures top caravan cleaning tips.

4. Don’t Forget the Caravan Insurance

The Australian outback is full of unknowns. And whether you’re planning on travelling to the Red Centre, or taking the coastal route, it’s not always possible to prepare for every outcome. Ensuring you have the right insurance is a step toward keeping your family, your travelling home and yourself safe on your trips. When it comes to insurance, not all policies are the same. We recommend making sure you find a policy that is right for you and your planned activities. As well as looking for one that covers you for:

  • Accidental loss or damage
  • Contents cover
  • Emergency repairs & temporary accommodation following an accident
  • Hail & flood damage
  • Returning your caravan to your stationary home

There’s so much to consider beyond just accident cover. If you need help finding a policy that’s right for you, have a chat to our friends over at OneSure Insurance and find out how they can help you find a policy to suit!

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