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solo man fishing from a pier

Fishing Restrictions Amidst COVID-19

This week, numerous Australian states and territories have implemented stage three restrictions. With these new rules comes further restrictions on recreational boating and fishing.

Governing bodies have requested that Australians refrain from recreational boating until further notice. This is because recreational boating has been deemed a “non-essential” activity. At this time, commercial fishing and boating for the purpose of food supply, is still permitted. However, even here, social distancing rules still apply to keep all Australians safe.

The main request at present is that Australians refrain from leaving the home unless absolutely necessary. However, for many outdoor lifestyle aficionados, staying at home can cause stir-craziness.

Safe Fishing Practices

Currently, we are still permitted to go fishing, either solo or in a pair. However, if you do choose to leave the house it’s important that you:

  • Stay within the borders of your state (preferably not too far from home)
  • Only fish by yourself or with one other person (ideally someone from your own household)
  • Maintain social distancing whilst out of the house with 1.5 meters between you and your fishing buddy
  • Fish only from a shore or jetty, absolutely no recreational boating allowed
  • Regularly clean your hands while you’re out and about
  • Travel only as far as necessary and return immediately home, do not stop in anywhere inbetween

As a note of social responsibility, we would like to take this opportunity to express the following:

OneAdventure in no way condones leaving your home midst a global pandemic for the sake of fishing. However, we know many of our readers are looking for guidance in these times of uncertainty. For this reason we’ve provided the above information regarding Australia’s current restrictions and how you can safely practice responsible fishing.

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