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Patrol Vs. Land Cruiser

It’s been a long-debated question amongst off-roading enthusiasts. Which is better, the Nissan Patrol or the Toyota Landcruiser? Most importantly this question comes into play when considering what vehicle to buy for your future off-roading adventures. 

Much of the decision when buying any model of car comes down to personal preference and lifestyle factors. Do you need a large 8 seater car for the family? Or a simple 5-seater for you, your better half and your pets? Are you a camping couple or caravanning crusaders? What kind of towing capacity do you need, if any?

Rather than sway you one way or another we’ve laid down the cold hard facts. Highlighting the benefits of each of these models to help you make an informed decision.

Of course, there are many different variations of both of these vehicle models so we’re sticking to the basics. The things you really want to consider when buying a new 4wd.

We’ve based this information off the latest models available so some of the elements may not be available on older models. However, if current performance is an indicator of past performance it will be worth bearing these accessories in mind. 

1. Fuel Consumption

Not unlike comparing apples to oranges, in this case we’re comparing petrol to diesel. Toyota’s “king off the road” Land Cruiser carries 138L of diesel fuel, whereas the Patrol carries 140L of premium petrol. 

Some adventurers have a personal preference when it comes to petrol vs. diesel but if you’re looking simply at the facts, let’s consider how far you’ll get with each tank. Petrol costs are a huge contributing factor to your everyday budget so you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. The Toyota Land Cruiser will get you a touring range of 1012km, based on its 13L/100km consumption rate. The greedier petrol engine of the Patrol uses approximately 18.5L/100km and has a touring range of 707km. 

How far you can go per tank is definitely worth considering, even if you only plan on doing short trips. 

2. Towing Capacity

For many adventurers, there’s nothing better than hitting the open road with your camper trailer, caravan or boat in tow. For this you’ll need a rig you know can support weight of your load. 

Well, the on-road abilities of these two 4WDs are pretty similar, with both the Patrol & Cruiser boating a 3,500kg braked towing capacity. Though neither come equipped with a towbar as standard and will have to be added at your discretion if buying new. 

That being said there is a difference in the power under the bonnet of each of these models which may impact how easy you’ll find the towing experience. The Landcruiser’s 4.5L twin-turbocharged v8 diesel engine exerts 200kw of power and 650Nm of torque. Whereas the Nissan Patrol uses 298kw of power and 560Nm of torque. 

So if you’re looking for that extra ‘umph’ to get you over that hill you may be looking more closely at the condition of an available Landcruiser. 

3. Tech

This is where we’re specifically talking new model, top of the range details. Bear in mind some second-hand models may still have some of these accessories on offer but not quite to the advancements of the latest releases. 

When looking at tech one of the biggest questions on a consumer’s mind is the safety inclusions. The latest inclusions in Toyota’s Safety Sense range from collision warning technology to automatic high beams. The Cruiser is also home to additional airbags both for the driver and front passenger as well as full-length curtain airbags to protect precious cargo in the back. 

For the Patrol, similar anti-collision technology is in place including; intelligent rear-view, rear cross-traffic alert and intelligent blind spot intervention. 

Both vehicles also have active cruise control technology and a form of emergency braking. With the Toyota hosting “multi-terrain” anti-lock braking for those off-road adventures. The Patrol also comes with intelligent 4wd selection for better performance on a wide variety of terrains. 

The Consensus

Whilst we can go into intense detail on all the other elements of these vehicles, from the overall design, reliability, life-span and cost. We think these three key factors are among the most important for Aussie adventurers looking to bag that next bargain vehicle. 

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